The Early Days of a Better Nation

Monday, June 16, 2003

Crisis? What crisis? Oh, that crisis.

Marxists of various denominations have been arguing for some time that the recent explosion of US/UK militarism is rooted in the unsustainability of the US economic expansion, which at some time in the not too distant future is likely to hit the buffers and spill everybody's coffee in their lap. Looks like this analysis is going a bit more mainstream. (On the same site check out the fascinating history of the British imperialist carve-up of the Middle East.)

It's interesting, in a Chinese-curse kind of way, to speculate on the effect of another Great Depression on the placidly grazing herd of independent minds who make up the right-libertarian infosphere.

[The links to the two Billmon articles have been corrected - thanks, Patrick.]


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