The Early Days of a Better Nation

Friday, September 12, 2003

Meanwhile, at the other end of the pipeline ...

Michael Meacher's article on the endless war cites a remarkable claim that five of the 9/11 hijackers received US military training in the 1990s. I have no idea what the status or provenance of this claim is, but it's not as implausible - or as evidential for far-out conspiracy theories - as it might seem.

Because, after they had brought down the revolutionary socialist government of Afghanistan, castrated and lynched its last progressive President, and plunged that country into a postmodern postapocalyptic dark age, Bin Laden's boys had by no means outlived their usefulness to the US. There was one other inconveniently independent walking-dead workers' state on the Eurasian landmass, at the other end of the proposed Caspian pipeline route, and thousands of the throat-cutting, woman-hating, teacher-skinning muj scumbags were duly airlifted into the fight that brought it down, too.

Later some of them went to work and study in Germany.

You might think, for a passing moment, that the horrendous blowback from all this might have got the US government to kick the muj habit.

Hell, no.

Apart from the Chechen rebels (not classified as a terrorist organisation as late as 2001, and currently holed up in the former Soviet and now US sock-puppet state of Georgia) right now the US has a cosy relationship with a gang of anti-Iranian muj terrorists in the north of Iraq, and with another gang of pro-Iranian muj terrorists in the south (where, according to Riverbend, they've been given the job of guarding the border with Iran).

The US is still mainlining muj. That old Afghan heroin is pretty addictive stuff.


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