The Early Days of a Better Nation

Friday, October 10, 2003

Sidelight on Turkey

I didn't know this:

The US forces did not think twice about detaining the so-called liaison officers of the Turkish special forces operating in the Kirkuk and Mosul area, and they were photographed being interrogated with sacks over their heads. The humiliation of these crack troops caused indignation in the Turkish military and among the jingoistic press, but the politicians, fully aware of their limited options, tried to play down the incident.

Go Fourth and Multiply

In the same paper, an obituary of the socialist John Sullivan who was, it seems:

the pseudonymous author of quite a legendary piece of satire on the British left, published in a variety of formats, including as a pamphlet titled As soon as this pub closes.

[And as Go Fourth and Multiply.]

This series of humorous sketches of the various tendencies is extremely witty and very sharp - not in the sense of vulgar mockery, but rather in using elements of Marxist insight to highlight the often absurd antics and contradictions that marred leftwing politics in the 1980s, when it was written (and unfortunately still do today).

No better guide to the British far left was ever written. Over the years it must have saved hundreds of minds and prevented countless follies.


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