The Early Days of a Better Nation

Saturday, January 24, 2004

O Caledonia, I'm leaving home

My son was out with his girlfriend yesterday afternoon, and in Cockburn St he got an out-of-nowhere and quite unprovoked headbutt on the cheekbone from a 'ned'. He walked away, looking back. The ned wanted a fight. My son and his girlfriend still walked away, and called the police on a mobile phone. The ned, and his gang of ten or so, backed off. A police car arrived half an hour later, cruised down the street and did nothing.

This is the third unprovoked attack my son has experienced, from exactly the same kind of people. There's nothing unusual or provocative in his appearance - not that that would be an excuse. He talks about emigrating.

Better nation my arse. Scotland is a lumpen country, that's the truth of it.


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