The Early Days of a Better Nation

Friday, February 04, 2005

Mrs O'Connor, meet Saint Clive

Kind readers: Kevin pointed me to two interviews with Professor Michael Hudson, applying a Georgist analysis of privatization to Russia and to broadcasting. Money quote:
Finance is inherently rent-seeking. It searches out all the areas of the economy that can siphon off the fruits of economic growth as a monopoly charge. These are the best opportunities for lending money, because so many buyers want to obtain rent-yielding resources because their price rises as population and prosperity grow.

Farah tipped me off to the remarkable collaboration that produced Aslan Shrugged.
"My cosmetics are too good for them," says Susan. She's only 12, but already her cosmetics empire rivals Avon. "They want me to live as a slave so that they can be beautiful. Edmund, John Galt is right."


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