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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More reviews of The Execution Channel

The Execution Channel has been reviewed by two of my favourite bloggers: Avedon Carol and the inhabitant of Lenin's Tomb. It's been mentioned by Marc Andreessen, in his much linked-to list of the top ten
SF authors of the '00s
. Cory Doctorow, another legend in the biz, now has his review up at BoingBoing. Paul Di Filippo has a review in Sci Fi Weekly, and Gary Wolfe in Locus. Paul Kincaid gives it an exacting audit at Strange Horizons. In the mainstream press, it's been noticed in the San Diego Union Tribune and the Denver Post. Lenin's own Socialist Review gives it, not surprisingly, a socialist review.

The book - along with several strong contenders in the category, to whom congrats - has been nominated for the Quill awards, which I don't know much about but which look big.

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Paul Kincaid needs to learn more about the geography of Scotland if he thinks that Grangemouth is "an oil refinery outside Glasgow".

I find it hard to take seriously any award which lumps together science fiction, fantasy & horror in one category. Also if they're the 'oscars' of publishing how come no-one has heard of the? Also, does that mean the winners are chosen for political reasons rather than merit?
Congrats on the nomination anyway, it's a great book.

I hope your book does real well, and the screenplay is being worked on. It seems real visual.

All the best.

Well I thought The Execution Channel was a great riff, myself, and as a proud owner of a Leatherman Squirt was pleased to see its cameo role!

The Stop The War coalition meeting in Edinburgh raised my eyebrows, though :P

Thanks, Eye.

Vavatch, the meeting was never meant to be anything like actual STWC local meetings, which I'm sure are a model of comradely practicality.

just wanted to say I absolutely loved reading The Execution Channel

it really is a brilliant novel, already read it twice :)

Thanks, moonbootica.

That gets your blog straight into 'Comrades and Friends' :-)

Been following your work avidly since I first discovered Cosmonaut Keep.

Bought EC last weekend and am reading it now, and having made it to page 77. Unfortunately, the typos keep distracting me from the story.

It seems everywhere that a word starts with fi- and should be capitalized, is is not. I think I've encountered this eight times so far, with the place name Fife accounting for half, and the others being where a word starts a sentence.

Did someone in production run a global search and replace on the fi ligature and muff it?

Something like that, I'm afraid. The editor has been informed. I hope you manage to ignore them!

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