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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Torture flights

A friend in Amsterdam has urged me to blog this Guardian report on the Council of Europe document (PDF) on European complicity in CIA secret prisons and torture flights, which, claims last week's Mail on Sunday (P.S. article now lost), continues, to the horror of this Tory patriot.



Do keep up the fantastic work , sir.

Please also kindly list this rather interesting blog on your site too ; as it now seems that highly embattled British Doctors have really had enough of outrageous political shilly shallying - and have since (very gladly) exchanged their stethoscopes for Wifi-activated Laptops.

Their blog address is

Many thanks.

The article may be "lost," but it's not like that claim is coming from a lone voice in the wilderness. Consider this opinion piece in The Los Angeles Times. It says what everyone knows: the MCA doesn't really say the torture has to stop, and the President's "signing statement" signals pretty much what to expect.

But wait! There's more: CIA's Rizzo: Our Interrogations Were Humane, Except When They Weren't, which leaves open the question about whether and how recently the CIA (not the Pentagon, who have their own facilities) started abiding by Common Article 3.

Whatever became of casual conversation?

Well, this isn't really a subject for casual conversation, but I will try to blog more and lighter pieces.

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