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Saturday, August 11, 2007


The International Socialist Group has broken with decades of tradition and published a worthwhile book: Karl Kautsky's Foundations of Christianity. It's a long time since I read this Marxist classic but I remember learning a lot from it. It's a fine example of how to use the materialist method to work over the best available information. This means it's very dated now, but it remains worth reading, and at £11 or $22 on Amazon it's a good buy.

Another resurrected work, this time available for free, is the complete run of Benjamin Tucker's Liberty. (Via.)


Sorry to break topic, but I've just started to read your last book - The Execution Channel. can I say? Having been a huge fan of Gibson and Sterling for about as long as I can remember, I was seriously doubtful when reading about it, but then my girlfriend (who works in a bookstore) read it. I visited her at work and she wouldn't let me leave without.

So, what can I say?

Thanks a bunch for what amounts to the best book I've ever read along with Spook Country by Gibson, and Recipies for Disaster by Crimethinc.


I like your blog, I hope you will visit mine 'An Unrepentant Communist'

Good Luck


Thanks for the plug Ken though to be fair a lot of SR's recent publications are not too bad. I picked up some copies of Kautsky this morning and it's a handsome looking book.

Daniel, thanks for the kind words.

Gabriel, nice blog, may link.

Liam, fair point. It's just that when I look over a list of the IMG's and ISG's pamphlets, etc, there aren't many that anyone would consider worth reprinting as having stood the test of time, or even captured their historical moment. I can think of a couple of exceptions: 'Capital: a readable introduction to Vol 1' and John Ross's 'Imperialism, Stalinism and Permanent Revolution' but that's about it and it's going back a long way.

It's a creative decision to reprint Kautsky's book. Very often it is easier to be of the moment.

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