The Early Days of a Better Nation

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy fun links

I'm busy making some fast fixes to The Night Sessions, and finishing a short story, so expect even lighter blogging for a few days. The cool kids at io9 have a short interview with me on near-future SF. There's another and longer interview at the left-wing magazine Canadian Dimension, about SF and politics.

And speaking of scary predictions, the Onion is widely hailed as having got the Bush presidency right at the very beginning. Let's hope they are less prophetic about its final year.


Thanks for the link, I would have missed the C.D. interview without it.

Your writings, and the googling I've had to do to understand them, have had a powerful effect on me politically. When coupled by the (ongoing) betrayal by the Democratic Party since the 2006 elections, that is how I got where I now am, politically.

I'll have to follow up on the primary sources you listed in the interview.

Now that's the kind of comment that can make my day! Thank you.

It works both ways. I first found out about your work from following up a remark of Brad Delong's that we were now living in a Ken MacLeod novel (and I got to Kevin Carson's work from you, but that's another story).

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