The Early Days of a Better Nation

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From scenes like these

Feorag, Charlie Stross's wife, reminds him that she has heard this one before.


I hope that's not his writing arm!

Where is that anyway? I thought it might be the Little Kremlin in Milnes but it looks too brightly lit. Guildford Arms?

It's The Ferry Tap, favoured watering-hole of the Scottish Socialist Science Fiction Vanguard.

Ah right, I thought it looked familiar, I think I ended up there during the last Burryman Festival. Good pub. Must try to go again this year.

Father Dougal was right: 'you should never meet your heroes. You'll only be disappointed'.

Charlie Stross does not disappoint!

Having read your glowing introduction to "The atrocity Archives" yesterday, could you have given any other possible answer?

(The word verification for this posting is illegible. Ahh well
But I seem to have guessed correctly, but not entered my password properly. Aye right)

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