The Early Days of a Better Nation

Friday, May 30, 2008


Speaking of reading, I just finished your latest, The Execution Channel, and it was a very fine piece of work indeed.

That you managed to come up with an uplifting ending, after a fashion, which didn't leave me still wanting to slit my wrists for shame... quite an achievement.

I appreciate being treated like an adult by the author.

It's so hilarious to see people like those you quoted accuse others of pretense while writing like that.

I met Myers a couple of times, when I was on the Irish version of University Challenge.

He's not that bad in real life, but he has published some really hateful stuff - I mean literally full of hate - about, for example, single mothers in his Irish newspaper columns.

For me, there's a particular sort of contemptible quality around all of those who used to be left-wing when they were young but who turned their coats in pursuit of new false idols to worship and a superior pay check.

I'll probably read Myers' book at some point, but I really will have to filter out all the self-flagellation stuff.

Thanks, Brian. I'm very pleased you liked the book.

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