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Monday, September 22, 2008

Intervention from without

The Cedar Lounge has a wide-ranging and interesting post on current issues as reflected in science fiction. If any editors of critical magazines or fanzines have a space to fill ...


My god! How am I supposed to get any work done? Not only am I distracted by reading and contemplating your own literature, but you also provide a seemingly endless stream of links to other stimulating articles, and all too often those in turn (especially the Cedar Lounge article) provide me with even more books for my to-read list.

On a slightly related topic, I just finished Sky Road. The whole Fall Revolution series was amazing and I'll be pondering it for quite some time to come, I think. Took me a little while to figure out what was going on in Sky Road, as I was trying to reconcile its events with those of Stone Canal and Cassini Division, but when I realized what was happening I was blown away! I love it when an author explores the "what if" scenarios.

So, I'm obviously still way behind in my reading of your writings, but I might skip ahead to Night Sessions now and then work backwards... reap the maximum benefit of potential current relevance.

Anyway... thanks much!

That article is first-rate. Concerning the comment above, I plan to re-read the FALL REVOLUTION series in the near future. And DO keep all those links coming.

Many thanks for the link Ken and your comments, much appreciated.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

To anonymous:

While I appreciate your enthusiasm for my work and that of my friends Charles Stross and Richard Morgan, I've regretfully had to delete your comment on the grounds that leaving it on would expose me as well as you to action for libel. As well as, of course, the grounds that it was offensive, vituperative and as far as I am concerned completely uncalled-for and beyond the bounds of reasonable debate. I would prefer the most scathing criticism to this kind of defence.

To anyone who has read the comment before I deleted it: please accept my assurances that the comment was only online before I became aware of it and was deleted the minute I read it; and that it in no way represents my views.

FYI Charles Stross and John Scalzi also got the message from "anonymous" and deleted it.

The object of his ire seems to have discontinued his own blog of sf-criticism & other stuff in the last few days - I wonder if this was in response to some sort of personalised hatestorm from anonymous. I guess when the telly news has people (allegedly) crossing the channel to stab an Advance Wars website owner to death over some online dispute you are likely to worry about nutters out there.

A bit off the topic, but for better or for worse... Happy 50th NASA!

Hey, Ken!

Have you got a time machine in your study, or something?

Yes, he does. You didn't know?

badnewswade, I've just checked it out. Cool, though I remain sceptical.

Steven, I don't have a time machine. I just channel.

Ha! Well I guess that makes sense; only someone schooled in the dark arts could convince me to part with so much of my hard earned money...

Speaking of which, when is The Night Sessions coming to Canada?

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