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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Considerations on the description of Odontochelys semitestacea, Li C, Wu X-C, Rieppel O, Wang L-T, Zhao L-J (2008)

Two more gaps in the fossil record,
Two more beasts in Noah's Ark.
Science marches, ever upward.
Comment threads are rife with snark.

What'll they say at AiG?
What'll we hear from the ICR?
What'er it is, we know it will be
some fleer to show how miffed they are.

'An artifact of preservation.'
'Not on the "ancestral" line.'
'That's only your interpretation!'
'It's still the same created kind.'

To certain wonders of creation
an eye of certain faith is blind.
But we can raise a generation
that wonders at the shuttered mind.

Science marches, ever upward.
Comment threads are rife with snark.
Two more gaps in the fossil record.
Two more beasts in Noah's Ark.

[Last four verses added later.]


Hmmm. Knocking the corners off a square block increases the total number of angles. I'm glad our ancestors didn't let that stop them from inventing a wheel that rolls. I eventually burst into laughter at all this discussion of creating two gaps by filling one (the string), but then I guess I've always had difficulty identifying with the folks who obsessively mind the gaps.

I'm not so good on poetry, but I rather like it.
It has also come to my attention that our local liars, called "Truth in SCience", have shot themselves in the head. (Lenny Flank likes to put it that way, and having observed creationists actions online for the past few years, it is quite correct)

They give a positive review for a book which equates Creationism, ie the world being created by "a creator god", and "intelligent design".

I'm sure you can see the small problem here...

Thanks for the kind words.

ilorien: the 'two gaps' thing is a joke about the whack-a-mole aspect of dealing with creationist arguments.

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