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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dawn, stars, and frost

Breathtaking animation. Play around with the control buttons at the foot of the page. This must be from one of the places where even today the night sky is so dark and clear that you can see the lines joining up the stars in constellations, just like the ancients did. Via.


Very nice, but the controls are backwards. I expect the horizon to go down when I drag it down, just like in real life.

I've never found the real-life horizon control :-)

I moved with left mouse click.
Great view, thanks.

I understand that access to the horizon control requires a carefully judged visit to the local hostelry.

The adjustment, however, tends to instability.

If you like that, maybe you should try the wonderful Stellarium ( Open source, by the way.

With that kind of cleverness, I'm no longer suprised that they came up with the ShamWow.

Thank-you, here all week; next up Cosmo and Janet!

I agree with Tim you really should have a look at stellarium its excellent open source planetarium software. Runs on linux, mac and windows. Can recommend it enough, I learnt the 50 brightest stars using it.

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