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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season's greetings

Happy Christmas, Hannukah, Yuletide, or other solstice festival of your choice to you all!


Merry whatever to you Ken.

Read this story on the beeb and thought of The Execution Channel.

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Merry Newtonmas!

And a Happy Sir Isaac Newton's Birthday to you! Though I see ray got there first. It's still a fine holiday.

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Tony, a spaceport at Lossiemouth is one way I'd be very happy to see The Execution Channel overtaken by events.

I can't help remembering the line in Yes, Minister (or was it Yes, Prime Minister?), about Lossiemouth being a kind of dog food.

For what it's worth, my brother was once stationed at RAF Lossiemouth. It was a dangerous posting - he ended up marrying his then CO's daughter. Anyway, it must have the right sort of infrastructure for a spaceport.

Merry Yule from Norway. We still call it that: Jul. Doesn't stop Christians from harping on about "the true meaning of ..." a tradition that predates them.

But I guess we'll have that bickering going way past when we have Mars colonies.

I suggest a new tradition to supplant it all (and may all of fandom adopt it): Going metric and celebrating every 10^8 sconds, starting NOW (11:28:36, 29. December 2008 old time reckoning)

You almost got it right Ken, at the very end. The proper greeting is HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE.

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Thanks, guys. Happy Hogmanay!

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