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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terrestrial-Americans hail 43rd human President

Millions of humans, the crowd visible from space,

Credit: Geo-Eye (Via).

gathered for the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama. For many, a high point of his speech was the pledge to 'roll back the spectre of a warming planet.'

For others, this part of his message was less welcome.

'Divisive talk about "threats to our planet" just makes me shiver,' said one visitor.


Does this mean Bush is getting beamed up to the mothership now that his mission has been aborted? Can we expect extensive probing?

He's a benign alien. I welcome him.

So did I lose count? Are we really only up to 43? Or is "43rd" a reference to the all too questionable legitimacy of the presidency of the man more commonly referred to as the 43rd president?

Ilorien, my attempted joke was that Bush is an alien, so the 44th President is the 43rd human president.

Ah... and there I go sticking my big American foot in my bigger American mouth again. I'm still playing catch up in the whole science fiction realm. Speaking of which, I just finished Cosmonaut Keep last week (could hardly put it down to eat or sleep) and bought Dark Light today.

Also 44 counts Grover Cleveland twice...

Thanks for the kind words, ilorien - I hope you enjoy Dark Light.

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