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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Annals of alternate aviation

In honour of St Valentine's Day, and via the ever-fascinating English Russia, we bring you Russian brides! And just to drive the hits up even further, a pic from the same site of a Soviet flying fortress meeting a Nazi flying saucer.

Oddly enough, my only use of the 'Nazi flying saucer' trope was in The Sky Road. My Sidewise Award-winning novella of Western, democratic flying saucers, The Human Front, is currently being translated into Italian by Salvatore Proietti, who is asking me some interesting questions on awkward points of translation: Gaelic and Scots usages, obscure political and military references, and obsolete racial slurs have all come up. I can't help wondering what someone made of all these when they pirated the novella into Estonian.


Reminds me to check the progress of Iron Sky - "Gegen Raumnazis"!

Is it a UFO?

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Iron Sky looks great.

website, assuming you're not spam, could you elaborate?

Hey! I stole pic 14 of the first list of "Russian brides" for our wedding invitations! And my wife is not at all Russian, but rather totally made in the DDR!

Nothing like social realist romance. People think it's just huge muscled workers, and forget the actual 'realist' part in it.

Anon, that's sweet.

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