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Monday, February 02, 2009

Digital Evolution

The Genomics Forum and local listings mag The Skinny have got together to sponsor an evening discussion of what computer games can tell us about evolution at the Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh. This free but ticketed event is on Saturday 7 Feb at 7 p.m.

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Sounds like a fascinating event, I'll certainly be there. Fractured my toe on Friday and can't run or do my Muay Thai for a while so I'll be more than happy to sit and blether about games and evolution :)

Personally I thought Spore was a great idea but didn't live up to its potential. Games in general can give us an inkling as to where we're heading as a society though. I don't know whether I'd class Second Life as a game but it shows great potential for an older conception of cyberspace. Looking forward to the chat...

Sounds entertaining. Not really my cup of tea, however.
Have you heard about the institute of IDeas sponsored panel debate about Creationism that is on at the National library of Scotland on the evening of the 11th of February?

cannonballjones - thanks, see you there I hope.

Guthrie - amazingly, I hadn't, but will now flag it up.

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