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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Forbidden Planet, Lost World

My good friend Joe Gordon (the official, and prolific, Forbidden Planet blogger has kindly flagged up the Digital Evolution event, and reminded me that he's also blogged about the new 100-page comic book Darwin: A Graphic Biography by Simon Gurr and Eugene Byrne, to say nothing of the nifty new City of Literature edition of The Lost World.



The Graphic bio of Charles D. looks
very interesting. Has anyone here
read Jonathan Miller & Borin Van Loon's "Introducing Darwin" book?

Hi Ken, thanks for mentioning our book on your site. It is now available, and you should be able to pick up a copy, for free, in any library in Edinburgh, as well as various sites in Glasgow, Bristol, Shrewsbury and more. Full details here .
PS I've read Miller and Van Loon's book, which uses comic strip iconography as part of its array of amazing visuals. I'd say the main difference is that our book is more of a continuous narrative.

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