The Early Days of a Better Nation

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"It’s like Sputnik went up and we think it’s just a shooting star."

Thomas L. Friedman on how Red China's going Green could leave the US running to catch up. (Via.)

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Thomas Friedman? You're linking to Thomas Friedman? And using the term 'Red China'?

Sweet Jesus.

What's the problem?

It is a cute analogy, but flawed.

Sputnik happened. The Soviets counted down 3 .. 2 .. 1 and bam into orbit she went. A green China is a decision that was made: the liftoff hasn't happened yet.

As any engineer can tell you, the devil is in the details: can China provide the power her citizens and industry need from Green sources? Can they make the light-speed jump into a knowledge-based economy? What do the hordes of people who won't or can't be 'knowledge-based' workers do when the forges shut down?

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It might be because Thomas Friedman is a [expletive deleted]?

If he told me the date I'd pick up a copy of a paper not the NY Times to check it was indeed thus!

So not actually having read the linked piece as yet I'm guessing it is the source that is being highlighted as questionable?

*Also above deleted comment was mine which I removed as I garbled a sentence beyond what even I consider acceptable.

I've never read Friedman, and Matt Taibbi's book reviews doesn't make me tempted.

Do you guys _always_ attack the author for superficial reaons and ignore the actual article?

Or is this just something science fiction geeks do?

That's a rhetorical question of course. I've been to cons, I know the answer.

Do you guys _always_ attack the author for superficial reaons and ignore the actual article?

If I know the clock is broken, I don't bother looking at it to check the time, even if happens to be right twice a day.

I don't think integrity is a superficial reason.

He may well like the stopped clock be right re the above article which I have now gotten around to reading. Wouldn't be worst thing if this was one of those times.

So, that is 'yes'.

Stopped clocks are thrown in the trash. People change.

Try not to be so stereotypically stereotypical fellas.

Lol the answer is no, one doesn't ignore the article though it is treated with some degree of scepticism and if things like integrity are superficial where do we find substance?

> Stopped clocks are thrown in the trash

Bzzt, wrong. There's one in my kitchen that's been stopped for over two years. I really must get round to putting a new battery in :-)

Thanks for the link Ken. Regardless of controversy regarding the source, I found it to be a worth-while little read.

As for the "stopped clock" analogy, I think it's about as appropriate as the other obvious cliche about babies and bathwater. No one source is ever going to be infallible. Doesn't hurt to keep checking in on what folks are saying, regardless of what they've said in the past. People change. The sources on which they base their opinions change. A breath of wind might dislodge the speck of dust hindering the clockworks, and then again, who knows... there may never have even been a baby in the bath. But hell... why not give an article a quick glance before immediately attacking its author.


Here's what the problem with Friedman is:

(Also, see the book "Kicking Away the Ladder," which deconstructs his economic worldview.)

I just found it amusing that one of the major plutogogues (to use a useful coinage of Daniel De Leon's) and talkers of globollocks (to use a useful coinage of someone else) was suddenly saying that socialism was about to steal a march on capitalism, in one rather significant field. That's all. No deep significance, no free pass for Friedman.

Sorry, should have trusted you knew precisely who he was... I had just figured you had somehow missed our village's idiot.

No need to apologise, Brian! It was more some of the stuff upthread I was responding to anyway.

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