The Early Days of a Better Nation

Saturday, January 16, 2010


For ways to help, look at 'Emergency Links' in the sidebar. Meanwhile, I'm impressed with the dignity of this response to superstitious nonsense. (Via.)

The true story behind the nonsense is outlined here.


That's dignified, eloquent, and true.But what egregious, dangerous crap issues from that phonilly mild-mannered evangelist, or whatever he is. He'd make the Haitians (and many others) slaves once more, in order to keep his devil in check. It is this creep's mouth that should be kept in check, by perfectly natural methods. I was just as angered by the faked attention of the hostess.

...and to think that he ran for the US presidency a few years ago. This most recent piece of excrement that he has spewed is but the tip of the iceberg... or perhaps "frosting on the [poisonously rotten] cake" is a more fitting phrase. I'm happy that despite their rather conservative religious beliefs, my parents never took Mr. Robertson seriously. I was around plenty of people who did, however, and watched his show a few times as a kid. A cesspool of showy religious fervor, emotional predation, and scantily veiled strategies to squeeze money from the brainwashed viewers. There's an extensive list of televangelists, religiously motivated political activists, and propagandist showmen preying on the soft sick underbelly of the American heartland, but in my opinion, Mr. Robertson is among the worst of them. As sick as his latest bout of inanorrhea makes me, it came as absolutely no surprise, having heard him before.

Makes you wonder what kind of deal Herr Robertson has with the devil? Isn't that the way you usually get rich, according to them X-tian mystics?

Well, Charles Taylor may not have been the devil but you can see how people predisposed to that kind of thinking could have been mistaken. And the deal was certainly advantageous.

Notice that Robertson also says that the Haitians (who revolted in the 1790s) had been under the rule of Napoleon III (who came to power in 1851).

Well, Robertson does say "Napoleon III or whatever," so I guess his statement is saved by its second disjunct.

Hallo Roderick---As a fellow philosopher I too noticed the secont disjunct and realised its tautology-producing function. I hope many others did as well.

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