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Friday, February 12, 2010

Just in time for Valentine's Day

It seems I've contributed to a category I didn't even know existed: stories about sex with spaceships.

i09 has lots more geeky romance, as does New Scientist, with wedding pic and everything.

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Given that list, apparently you are quite likely to be a *Scottish* science fiction to write about this.

Rule 34 is, roughly, the proposition that the category of stories about sex with x exists, for all x.

Newton's Wake is the obvious one, but also the Fall Revolution book where, uh, friend-o-friend's mind is in the little worker ship building the wormhole and he's having sex with the succubus might count too. Granted it's all virtual, but their minds were both locked up in the ship, so that sort of counts as having sex with a spaceship too. Funny how I can't remember which book it was or the name of the main character, but I remember that he was, in some sense, doing it with a spaceship.

Or maybe 'having sex in a virtual reality running inside a spaceship' is it's own categoryl.

Sorry, tis nae apropos of this here post, but thought you & your readers might appreciate it: is David Aaronovitch on the side of John Wilde? He's hawking a new conspiracy theory theory of history, Voodoo History.


I haven't read Aaronovitch's book yet, but I intend to.

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