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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Restoration Game

When it looked like The Restoration Game would be published in March rather than in July, Blackwell's on South Bridge very kindly and cannily offered to host a launch party at (6:30 for) 7 p.m. on Wednesday 17 March at the nearby Pleasance Theatre. The event is still on, but will now consist of readings followed by discussion from me, Charles Stross, and Andrew J. Wilson. My own reading will be from The Restoration Game, and anyone pre-ordering at the event will get an early copy (signed, if you like). [Update: Charlie will be reading from his forthcoming Laundry novel, The Fuller Memorandum - which, if I've remembered some conversations correctly, is partly about an eldritch secret in the Russian/Soviet past. I think we got an event theme here, folks ... ]

This event is ticketed, but tickets are FREE. Tickets are available from the front desk at Blackwell Bookshop, 53 – 59 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1YS. For more information or to reserve tickets, please contact Ann Landmann on 0131 622 8206 or

The book has been briefly and favourably reviewed in The Guardian:
As ever, MacLeod's grasp of political intrigue is first rate, and in Lucy he's created a complex heroine forever in doubt as to the true nature of events.

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Don't suppose an ebook version is planned for anytime soon?

I don't suppose so either, but you'd have to ask Orbit.

One of these days Ken I'll have the time to make the west-east round trip to catch you at one of the many events you publicise here. Sadly it won't be this Wednesday. Have a good 'un! ;)

Is the black, red and white color scheme of this and your previous a little nod to your favorite edition of Lucretius? Every time I see a black, red and white cover now I think of Tulip.

Wish I could be there. Any other way to pre-order and get the early copy?

Thanks John.

Ilorien, the cover scheme is decided by the publishers, not by me - and red, white, and black is a very effective colour combination. I suppose this and the previous two books have a few things in common, being near-future or thereabouts and thriller-ish, so it's a good way of signalling that commonality: 'If you liked this, you might like that'.

To pre-order, try the mail link above and tell Ann Landmann I sent you.

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Actually, speaking of ebook editions, I believe that going forward Orbit are planning on pushing new titles out as ebooks much more rapidly than in the past. It'll take them a while to fill the gaps in the back list, though.

I emailed Orbit, and this is their reply in full, which pretty much accords with Charlie's comment:

Dear Mr _____,

Our general policy going forward is to try to release an ebook version of every book at the same time that the hardcopy is first released. Although we are attempting to apply this policy to all of our titles, in certain cases, the ebook version may be released a little later than the hardcopy release date.

In the case of Charles Stross, the ebook version of The Fuller Memorandum will be released at the same time as the paperback – on 1st July 2010.

As for The Restoration Game by Ken MacLeod, we have not been able to schedule an ebook yet, but it is likely that we will still release one – if not in July 2010 with the hardback, then hopefully not much later than August 2010.

Best wishes,

The Orbit Team

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