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Thursday, April 29, 2010


A few weeks ago SF author Philip Palmer asked me to suggest a science-fiction or fantasy-related song for the 'SFF song of the week' slot on his blog. For some reason all I saw of the requirement was 'SF' and 'song' and my mind went blank as I tried to think of a song with some skiffy content. Oh, now it's easy enough to think of some. But right then, the one I thought of surprised me, and it wasn't at all obvious. But Phil liked it, and I think it was a good choice. Here it is.

Elsewhere, Scotland on Sunday Books Editor Stuart Kelly has read The Restoration Game and liked it; and in the same post, contemplates the 'similarities between early Christians and Star Trek fans'. I think I'll drop him a line recommending a browse through Making Light.

Wait, this the internet! [Moments later.] Done!

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Not really sci-fi but very geeky (In a good way):

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Nice choice Ken. Red Barchetta might have been mine:

Did you consider Flying Saucer Rock 'n' Roll? Or Veteran of the Psychic Wars would seem appropriate for many internet discussions.

I like Making Light,it's both informative and conducted politely, though the recent thread on South Park did seem to bring out an unwillingness to hear too much from atheists.

Well...this is probably a song, and there's definitely a bit of sci-fi (some would argue space opera) if you hold out a bit... Heaven, by The Martians

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"Unwillingness to hear too much from atheists," when so many of Making Light's regulars and old-timers self-identify as same? By my recollection, what we objected to was being preached at, and/or subjected to multiple recitations of off-topic arguments we've all heard before.

I wouldn't let anyone browbeat the ML commentariat about how Jesus loves them and wants them to accept Him as their personal savior, either. I might let them preach the primacy of Cthulhu, but only if they made it funny.

Speaking as an atheist Making Light old-timer of sorts, I can say that Teresa's comment fits my experience entirely. (Teresa, for those who don't know, is a legend in the development of a culture of firm but fair moderation.)

The only reason I didn't make this point myself is that skidmarx's comment arrived at a moment when I had something else on my mind, and then I forgot about it.

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