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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Diana Comet Presents...75 Years of Fabulous Writers

Sandra McDonald has put together this brilliant periodic table of women in science fiction and fantasy. She writes about them here.

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Thanks for that Ken. It brought a needed smile to my face. The music was great, and some of those covers brought back memories of my SF-nal youth--which began in earnest in June 1972. In that month the American Discount Book Center [er, not re] opened in Amsterdam. I had moved there earlier that month. The shop had a fantastic selection of the best in classic and contemporary SF. Many of the books shown in this clip were bought by me in that fine, cosy, shop.

Yeah, I love old SF art, too. One of my favourites is here:

I have a weird liking for the idea of a Royal Space Force! Oh, take a look at the "Dreams of Space" website, too!

By the way, Ken, didn't you say somewhere that you had read a few of the "Kemlo" series? I love the old Bruce Cornwell illos for these!

Grif - yes, I think the Kemlo books were the first SF I read. I have only a vague memory of the illos, though.

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Absolutely magnificent. Thanks for sharing!

(slinking off to plan yet another Norwegian con)

Heidi! Great to hear from you! I was recently reminded of you when I saw this.

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