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Friday, July 02, 2010

Two reviews of The Restoration Game

I'm very pleased to see that SFX, whose self-description as 'the Earth's greatest sci-fi and fantasy magazine' is far too modest, has a very nice review of The Restoration Game. (One small spoiler.) The Green Man Review is likewise enthusiastic.

And here's a better link to the Scotland on Sunday review by Stuart Kelly, who says:
Stornoway-born Ken MacLeod's The Restoration Game, like his previous novels The Execution Channel and The Night Sessions, are works of science fiction so worryingly close to reality that he may well be hailed as a prophet on Lewis.
I think a symbolic rather than a literal reading of this particular sentence is called for. Being hailed as a prophet on Lewis could be quite disquieting.

Oh, and if you'd like a signed/personalised copy, Mike Calder at Transreal has the goods, so drop him a line.

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just wanted to say I really enjoyed 'the Restoration Game' :)

could not put it down, great job!

Thanks - it's always good to hear something like that, especially just after the book comes out.

Why hasn't Waterstones got your book?

I tried my local Waterstones on Saturday and they didn't have it.

I've ordered it online from them and they've posted the order for DAVID HARVEY's 'The Enigma of Capital' ordered at the same time, but not your book.



Absolutely terrific book. Arrived from Amazon Friday, finished it Saturday afternoon.

Best read of the year so far.

An absolute belter!! Had to pick my jaw off the floor at 2am this morning on reading the last few pages - your finest yet :-0}

Morphic Resonance indeedly!

See you at the Book Festival I hope


Tony - I don't know. I'll have a look next time I'm in Edinburgh. Where's your local Waterstones?

Lyndon, Paul - thanks!

Hi Ken,
my local Waterstones is Darlington, and the online Waterstones has yet to post off my order of your latest (ordered last Saturday), although "The Enigma of Capital, and the crises of Capitalism" arrived this morning.

Is it that your book is just more popular than they thought it'd be (not bought sufficient stock)?

One thing though, if it's anything like all of your other books (that I've read and in some cases re-read), it'll be worth the wait.



The cover image makes me think of Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. :)

Orbit folks sent me up a copy, was waiting for me when I came back from my week off at the Film Fest. Seriously good stuff, mate and was pleased SFX gave it such a prominent plug, although I wish the numpty reviewer hadn't given away a major revelation in his review with no warning (annoyingly just as I was a few chapters from the end myself).

Anon - yes, though there's no such scene in the book. It does seem to work though.

Joe - very glad you liked it. And, yeah, don't like to look a good review in the mouth but that is some spoiler ...

Superb book, Ken, I couldn't put it down. Pressed all the right buttons for me. Thanks!

Last week it was prominently on display at the great Uppsala English Bookshop, which btw has moved (with help by me, Johan and Linnea Anglemark, and many others) to a great new location from which one can even see Mars (see the relevant article by Our Host).

Tony from Darlington - Newcastle Waterstones has the book in a prominent position on the shelf if you want to journey up here.

Hi Frank,
thanks for the info.

I ended up cancelling my Waterstones (online) order and getting it from Foyles online (took them 2 days from order to the postman delivering it).

thanks again.


About that blurb at the bottom of the front cover...

The story goes that when the first ship to win the America's Cup crossed the finish line Queen Victoria asked, "What about second place".

To which a British admiral replied, "Madam, there is no second place."

Just thought you'd like to know

Just received signed/inscribed copy in the mail via Blackwell Book Store. Thanks for the tip on purchasing it from the West side of the pond... and for the personal note. Have only read the opening bit thus far (entirely hooked!), but am looking forward to immersing myself in it this weekend!

I read The Restoration Game over the past weekend and enjoyed it immensely! I started reading it a second time yesterday and am having all sorts of fun picking up on the clues and foreshodowings in the light of retrospect. Looking forward to the next one!

Thanks, ilorien! Really glad you enjoyed it.

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