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Monday, September 27, 2010

Parallel Worlds

At 7 pm this Friday evening I'm on a panel at Newcastle's amazing Centre for Life with acclaimed author Scarlett Thomas, as part of Newcastle University's project Parallel Worlds: Literature and Science.

From the blurb:
Ideas from physics, computing and philosophy have increasingly fed into the work of novelists, not only in science fiction but also "mainstream" fiction. Concepts such as virtual reality, alternate history or the "multiverse" have influenced popular culture and contemporary literature in diverse ways. This series of events brings together leading writers and thinkers to reflect on their "parallel" disciplines and explore possible bridges between them.
The event is introduced by novelist, former physicist, and creative writing lecturer Dr Andrew Crumey.

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I'm so jealous, because I just moved out of Newcastle at the start of this month and this talk sounds really good! In fact, you seem to give really interesting talks, so is there any chance that you might give a lecture further down south anytime?

yeah, like London?

Of course - depends on getting invites, though!

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