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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pyr to publish The Restoration Game in the US next year

Well, the news is out: my novel The Restoration Game is to be published in the US in 2011 by Pyr. The cover will be by Hugo-nominated and (inter alia) BSFA Award-winning artist Stephan Martiniere, whose covers for four of my books published by Tor (the 'Engines of Light' trilogy and Newton's Wake) have been magnificent works of SF art, some of them visualizing scenes from the novels not only vividly, but more accurately than I'd imagined them myself.

Needless to say, I'm very happy about all this.

In related news: Jesse Walker has a brief but enthusiastic review at glossy libertarian monthly Reason.

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Congratulations! They will love it in the States! I can't wait to see the artwork.

Very happy to hear it! Also very happy that I didn't wait for it.

I'm eagerly looking forward to it's release here. You're books are well worth the wait.

I am looking forward to adding this to my collection of Ken MacLeod books. (I'm pretty sure I have read every book you've had published, including relative rarities like The Human Front and Lizards From Another Star.)

Oops, corrections:

1) GIANT Lizards ...

2) And I haven't yet read The Highwaymen or The Light Company. Hard to find any info about that last one.

Steve: I have you beat on one item: The Highwaymen ,:),I bought that as soon as it came available on Amazon,,a great story and as engaging as any of the longer reads.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

Stevo - The Highway Men is still available from Sandstone Press and (perhaps more conveniently for you) was reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St Martin's Griffin, 2007.

The Light Company doesn't exist - the title was a provisional one, for purposes of a book contract, which I think got onto the publisher's list of forthcoming books and then took on a life of its own in the wild.

The Night Sessions are still ever-so-sadly missing in action over in this market! Un-like!

I'm tempted to claim I own a published copy of The Light Company ....

After all, it's election day here in the states, which is surely an honorary equivalent of April Fool's Day.

I'm tempted to advertise a copy of The Light Company on Ebay... see what sort of bidding bubbles I can build.

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