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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

That's MacLeod with an 'M', I think you'll find

On Saturday 12 March, 14:00 - 15:00, at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, I and Iain M. Banks will be talking about and possibly reading from our latest books, Iain's Surface Detail and my The Restoration Game, as part of Glasgow's literary festival Aye Write!.

A thoughtful review by Andy Sawyer of The Restoration Game is now up at Strange Horizons. And an enthusiastic review that I missed earlier appeared last September in the SWP's monthly journal Socialist Review.
One of the book's biggest strengths is its excellent characterisation of Lucy. Here we have a protagonist who is fully rounded, dealing not only with the enormity of the book's main plot but with the everyday pressures of work, friendships and relationships. All this is tied together in an enigmatic twist worthy of Philip K Dick.

The Restoration Game is highly recommended to fans of science fiction and political thrillers alike.

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"That's MacLeod with an 'M', I think you'll find"

Wait, so does that mean your non-science-fiction works appear under the name "Ken acLeod"?

Kenneth M. MacLeod. They have yet to be written, though.

Just back home to Dundee from my annual trip to Aye Write. I found your session great fun and I'm very much enjoying getting into the copy of The Restoration Game you kindly signed for me (even if you didn't add "every blessing").


Calum MacLeod

Nice meeting you, Calum. I wasn't sure whether you wanted me to add the Calvinist salutation or not. Oh well, maybe next time - if we're spared.

Meanwhile - maybe drop me an email? I'd be interested to compare notes.

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