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Monday, September 26, 2011

Another good review of The Restoration Game

Astronomy site Astro Guyz has a very enthusiastic review of the US edition (Pyr) of The Restoration Game:
The Restoration Game is a smart cyber-thriller that runs an interesting course of alternate history. Part of what makes the story a true gem is not where it’s going plot wise, but how it gets there. Its world is as timely as the latest I-Phone release, and Krasnia, while fictional could be a page right out of Soviet 20th century history. Will Lucy and crew come back for a sequel? There’s certainly lots of room in the quantum universe of alternate histories out there waiting!
A sequel? I hadn't thought of that ...

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But where is the e-book?

In the future, no doubt.

So, are the US and UK editions identical?

The US edition is (AFAIK) identical to the UK hardback edition. The UK paperback corrects a handful of minor errors that hardly any readers would have noticed anyway.

I'm waiting for a prequel to the Star Fraction

That would be The Stone Canal, ekchelly.

Stone Canal being a Prequel and sequel all in one book, gotcha. By the way, Ken, it was the Stone Canal that first introduced me to your work. The old saw "You can't judge a book by it's cover" didn't ring true here. I liked the artwork, and I bought it.

Still, I'd love for you to revisit Mr. Kohn.

Thanks, Anon. The story about the cover artwork on the original and most subsequent editions is that after every attempt I and my then editor, John Jarrold, made to convey a visual image of Ship City resulted in sketches of shellfish, an artist turned up with a portfolio that included the wonderful image you (and I) liked so much.

I do like the newer Orbit paperback artwork for the Fall Revolution books, but I was well lucky with all the first-edition covers.

Would love a sequel Ken - hesitate to use the phrase but "I Love Lucy" Seems a shame not to hear more from her.
Le durachdan

Hi Innes!

I'm sorry, but I have no idea what a sequel could add to the story. It's pretty much a one-off. I'm glad you like the character of Lucy, though.

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