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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The near future arrives this week

A few months ago I was asked to contribute a story to a special science fiction issue of MIT's Technology Review. The idea was that each story would reflect one of the site's regular channels: business, computing, biomedicine, etc. I chose 'Materials' because I had a small and now distant background in the subject. After some hasty thumbing through The New Science of Strong Materials and other battered Pelicans on my shelf I thought of and discarded several ideas, and only came up with one when I turned to the site itself and came across a recent development in light-bending metamaterials. Aha! I brainstormed some ideas with Pippa (who like like myself remains affiliated with the Forum and sometimes hotdesks in its offices) and came up with 'The Surface of Last Scattering' - which, I'm happy to say, seems to me one of my more satisfactory stories, one that works as a short story as well as as SF.

That story was accepted, and is now out in very respectable company. Copies of the anthology are available for pre-order, and hit the newstands on Tuesday 4 October, with digital editions soon to follow. (Via.)

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Looks good, and for 7.95 USD it seems a bargain for that much prose.

I've just tried to buy it, and Barnes and Noble says "Product can only be sold to a customer with U.S billing address"

Does anyone know if there's anywhere else where we can get hold of the epub for the UK?

So that there's no ambiguity, I do mean BUY, of course!

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