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Monday, January 02, 2012

Known manifestations

My engagements so far for 2012:

Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 February: with many other authors, as well as noted SF/F fans and artists at SFX Weekender 3, Pontin's Holiday Park, Prestatyn Sands, North Wales. It's hoped (but not promised) that pre-publication copies of my new novel, Intrusion (Orbit, 1 March 2012), will be available for signing in the dealers' room.

Intrusion is, of course, already available for pre-order in hardcover and Kindle editions. Cory Doctorow, who has kindly allowed me to quote from his forthcoming review, describes it as
a new kind of dystopian novel: a vision of a near future "benevolent dictatorship" run by Tony Blair-style technocrats who believe freedom isn't the right to choose, it's the right to have the government decide what you would choose, if only you knew what they knew. ... a haunting, gripping story of resistance, terror, and an all-consuming state that commits its atrocities with the best of intentions.
Iain M. Banks calls it a twistedly clever, frighteningly plausible dystopian glimpse.

Friday 13 April, evening: a panel on transhumanism/posthumanism with, among others, Justina Robson and Steve Fuller at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Saturday 14 (evening) to Sunday 15 April: Guest of Honour at the lively and highly commendable annual 'fantastic weekend for readers and writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror', now in its sixth year, Alt.Fiction, Phoenix Digital Arts Centre, Leicester.

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Yay! A new Ken MacLeod novel. Looks like I will be spending some more money this holiday season. I buy all of your books in hardcover, but i refuse to buy electronic books slathered in DRM. Guess i will be reading it old school.

That's a pity for the both of us, since I am sure that you would have liked the extra sale, and I would have liked to read it on my posh new iPad.

Funny, the places happiness can come from.

Great news! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Will there be opportunity (as with Restoration Game) for those of us on the other side of the globe to purchase signed copies from Blackwell Bookshop... or any other bookshop?

Thanks much!

Spiritual mind.

The new
summer is a
splendid idea
that appears
in the morning
with a delicate

Francesco Sinibaldi

Mouldy Squid - thanks!

ilorien - Thanks, and yes, you can get a signed (etc) copy from Transreal when it comes out.

I'll be buying it, Ken. I am sure the Uppsala English Bookshop will stock it. That's the place you described so well in 'Seeing Mars from Uppsala." Reading that was one reason I moved here. Since you wrote it, that shop has moved and is even better than it was in 2003. It's here (check out the great ebook deal with KOBO): .

I have most of your books and I would like to buy this one however I am now trying to go digital
(I have 2,600 SF books and I have run out of space)

Like Mouldy Squid I don't like the Amazon DRM - it prevents me from storing the books where I want to store them -

Have you thought about selling via BAEN Books?

Duncan - I don't see how I could, given that I'm not published by Baen.

Have you ever read Robert Chase's excellent short story "The Shrieking of the Nightingale" (from Analog, Nov. 1991)? It's an excellent, chilling little story of medical paternalism that no one but me seems to have read.

No EPUB version, eh? Calibre to the rescue, I guess.

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