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Thursday, March 08, 2012

As we are to the beasts that perish

Crooked Timber, the collective blog of some impressively clever people, has once again rotated its objective lens to focus on science fiction (as it's done several times before), this time to discuss 'libertarian paternalism' aka Nudge and related topics in the light of my novel Intrusion and Charles Stross's Rule 34.

It's an interesting take, because the discussion is largely about the ideas arising from and possibly going into the books rather than the stories themselves, and in my case the opening post focused precisely on a passage that's central to the book's implied argument while giving away nothing of the plot.

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Ken, I just finished Execution Channel last week after discovering you thru Charlie Stross, Boskone and Giant Lizards from Another Star last year. Whoohh! Slight echoes of Illuminatus, RAW and related satire here?
I need to reread E.C. as well as Restoration Game. I look forward to reading Night Sessions (and Intrusion?) in the next few weeks. Any chance you'll be visiting North America in the next year?


Unfortunately the chances of my visiting North America in the next year or so are very small!

RAW has been quite an influence, yes.

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