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Friday, March 23, 2012

Intrusion book launch at Pulp Fiction

The new Edinburgh bookshop/cafe Pulp Fiction, which specialises in second-hand genre paperbacks and excellent coffee, cakes and biscuits, has a regular schedule of literary events. This Wednesday the bookshop, along with the Genomics Forum, hosted one for Intrusion. The free but ticketed event was well attended, as you can see from Chris Scott's pictures here.

After reading from the first chapter of the book, I sat down to be interviewed by Stuart Kelly, Literary Editor of The Scotsman. He asked some quite probing questions, which were followed up by more from the audience. An hour went by in no time at all, and then we called a halt and let everyone loose on the cakes and wine. The party and signing session went on for another hour or so, and continued for some of us in the pub next door, the Blue Blazer.

Many thanks to Steve Rappaport at Pulp Fiction and all at the Genomics Forum, especially Alison Caldecott and Clare de Mowbray, for organising and hosting the event; to Stuart Kelly for the hard questions, and to all who turned up for making the event such a success.

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Do you know if the event was recorded/is available online anywhere?

Not as far as I know, Max.

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