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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Intrusion: three reviews

Reviews of Intrusion in the past few days from:

Gwyneth Jones in Saturday's Guardian, Jill Murphy at The Bookbag, and Michael Flett on GEEKChocolate.

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Hi Ken, the reviews are great - I can't wait to receive my copy in the mail :)
I thought I'd download a sample to read on my kindle while I wait, but OF COURSE I can't, because I don't live in the UK. GRRRRR~!

Little sis - your copy is going in the post in the next day or two. I've been remiss and really have no excuses.

Mind you, after packing up and posting 8 copies today for siblings and friends, I think may have had an excuse after all :-)

Excellent! Can't wait to read it! x

I always order your books direct from Amazon U.K. I pay the extra cost; I can't wait. BTW, Ken, are you familiar with the U.S. TV show "Person of Interest?" I only watched it once, and it left me with the same creepy feeling I finished "Intrusion" with. A computer geek uses many of the contemporary surveillance camera feeds, and puts them through a computer program that predicts crimes. You can see the commonalities.

Ken, your American readers should try here:

-- free international shipping.

Thanks for the tip, Neal.

Wow! My copy of Intrusion arrived in the mail today - that was quick! Thanks so much, Ken. The cover is great - I love the white sleeve after all the black ones! Can't wait to read it. Much love, C xx

Lee - I haven't seen that show, but of course the idea has been kicking around for a while.

Oh, and many thanks for buying the books!

little sis - great to hear from you, and that the book has arrived. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think, whether you enjoy it or not :-)

Well Ken, I read it and loved it - well done on creating such a readable and horribly-believable tale, for the most part. Excellent work!

little sis - that's great, thanks!

Hi Ken

Please delete test post. Tried posting twice but they disappeared! Just finished Intrusion and love the story as well as the moral dilemmas that you through up. BTW I have been to a wee wee free communion at the Uig manse so your description of the house is very evocative! I believe your little bro James was there as well! Boiled mutton, boiled tea and beaches. Amazing place :)

Stephen Macpherson

Hi Stephen - good to hear from you, and glad you enjoyed the book. None of my siblings has mentioned recognizing the house! does it still have the features I described?

Chilling, credible, thought-provoking and all too plausible. Been a fan ever since '..Fraction' first came out, read everything you've written, and this is definitely one of the best! Plus, you've brought me into the modern era, with this being my first e-book purchase.

Thanks, and please do keep them coming.

Awesome book. Turned me into a militant anarchist overnight. Well done! I'll name my assault rifle after you.

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