The Early Days of a Better Nation

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


The present state of play in Scottish politics is summed up by crime novelist Quintin Jardine, reflecting on the Labour and LibDem Scottish party conferences:
These diminished festivals reminded me that there was a time when I knew by name, sight and reputation, every active political figure of stature in the country. I suppose I still do, but now it's no great claim to make because there are so few of them and they all belong to the same party.
Sad but true. Part of the reason, I've long thought, is that in all parties people of ability and ambition want to get to the top, which for all major parties in Scotland except the SNP means Westminster. For the SNP, of course, the Scottish Parliament is the top.

If the other parties don't watch out, it will be for all of them.



The impression I am getting from things such as the Leveson enquiry and so on is that having people of ability and ambition getting to the top is problematic, because they are only interested in ambition and proving themselves right.
Anything like ideals of public service go out the window. Yes I mean you ACPO rank ex-officers.

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