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Monday, April 30, 2012

'It's life Jimmy, but not as we know it'

The National Library of Scotland has an exhibition, running until the end of June, of science fiction in Scotland. The exhibition is compact but comprehensive, with proportionate weight given to SF work in genre and mainstream modes, to comics, TV and films, and with unabashed exhibits of garish covers and artwork alongside fragile manuscripts and antiquarian rarities. SF is treated with the kind of respect and attention to detail that you might expect from someone who has a real love and knowledge of the genre - which turns out to be the case, as curator John Birch (above) explains.

In related videos you can see (so far) me, Charlie Stross and Gary Gibson give our various takes on being SF writers. Eventually these videos and others will be on the NLS site, but for now, enjoy on YouTube and, if you happen to be in Edinburgh in the next couple of months, drop in on the exhibition.

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