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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The revolution will be audible

What with one thing and another I'd clean forgotten to mention that all thirteen of my novels are now available on Kindle, and that the first four of these (the Fall Revolution quartet) are also available as unabridged, professionally read audio downloads, at Amazon and at Audible - as is my novella, The Highhway Men.

Naturally, I'd be very interested in hearing (so to speak) what hearers think of the audiobooks. I suspect I'd find them hard to listen to myself, because at some level I already have the voices of the characters - and indeed the narrative voice, which is not necessarily my own even in third-person narration - in my head.

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I once had a first-person piece I wrote performed on Radio Four. Somebody must have liked it, because it was also on Pick of the Week (which I think meant I got paid more) but I found it very hard to listen to. Not least because they chose a female narrator.

Are they going to be released in open formats like epub any time? Amazon's books can only be read on their machines unless you break the DRM. I have no compunctions about doing so but giving money to Amazon just encourages them to continue with their rather nasty anti-consumer business pratices.

I've got everything bar The Restoration Game and Intrusion in paper form back in Scotia but since I live on the road these days (Taiwan right now) the ebook reader is invaluable.

cannonballjones - I don't know what the plans are for the UK editions, but I think some of the Tor/Macmillan US editions may be available in non-DRM formats.

cannonballjones -- there's a Kindle app for iPhone, iPad and Android, so you can also read Kindle books on those.

cannonballjones: it's the publisher that puts DRM on e-books, not Amazon.

All Ken's books are available in e-pub format from the usual retailers (Waterstones, Kobo etc.).

I've just been listening to audio recordings of my articles for the podcast of Markets Not Capitalism, by a female narrator. I must say, it sounds a hell of a lot better than my own voice, which I dislike hearing on recordings.

I'm halfway through the first part of The Star Fraction and it sounds very good. very well done. I am tempted to get the rest of the series in audio format.

So they found a woman with voice chops to narrate The Sky Road, but *not* The Cassini Division???

Somebody got paid to make that decision...

BenK - Charlie Norfolk is a woman, and she does have voice chops.

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