The Early Days of a Better Nation

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Manifestations

I'll be speaking (very briefly) at the Edinburgh City of Literature Salon this evening, along with Emily Dodd. We'll be talking about our residencies - mine at Napier, hers at Leith Library.

Speaking of speaking, you can hear me here being interviewed about The Night Sessions by Daniel Nexon, who blogs at The Duck of Minerva.

On Sunday 21 October, I'll be on a panel, Banning the Brave New World? The ethics of science at the annual Battle of Ideas festival of public debate, which this year is at the Barbican.

And finally ... Iain Banks and I are doing our well-known double act at the Linlithgow Book Festival. In the Masonic Halls, which is a first for me and probably Iain too. Eight quid gets you in (no funny handshake required).

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