The Early Days of a Better Nation

Monday, October 01, 2012

Two links

The left-wing market anarchists at Center for a Stateless Society have reprinted (with my permission and the publisher's) my Introduction to the American edition of The Star Fraction, as part of their ongoing series of left-libertarian classics. I hardly think it's anything of the kind, but who am I to argue? If it works to subvert the dominant paradigm, fine by me. (I'm not saying which dominant paradigm.)

The Herald magazine on Saturday published an interview with me, which is I think the first time I've ever featured in a lifestyle supplement. Thanks to Mike Calder of Transreal for the use of his shop for the photograph (in the print version only) of me holding a soft toy dinosaur and grinning wanly.

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Great intro - makes me want to read the actual book again.

Aw - thank you!

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