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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where Rockets Burn Through

For the second time in forty years, I'm a properly published poet, and in very distinguished company at that. Anthologies of science fiction poetry are almost as infrequent: this is the first I've seen since Frontier of Going and Holding Your Eight Hands came out in the Seventies. Edited by scholar and poet Russell Jones, introduced by Alasdair Gray, and inspired by (and featuring) the science fiction poetry of the late great Scottish Makar Edwin Morgan, Where Rockets Burn Through should rise higher and travel farther than its predecessors.

Free launch events: Edinburgh, Thursday 29 Nov and London, Thursday 6 December.

The Edinburgh event will feature readings by several local writers, including me. You have been warned.

Thursday 29 November, 6.00pm (Update - not 6.30, as I had before!)
Blackwell’s 53-59 South Bridge Edinburgh

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Oh, super news! *orders a copy*

I adore Edwin Morgan; discovering his Collected Works in Portsmouth City Library back in 2004 made me realise that, yes, you *could* write poetry about the sort of stuff that fascinates me.

If I could do it with Morgan's grace, generosity and relentless curiosity, that would be something else entirely. An amazing man; I only wish I'd discovered him sooner, and that he'd been taken from the world later.

My sentiments entirely!

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