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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

For the first time in far too many years we went to Edinburgh's Hogmanay Street Party, and had a great time. And for the first time in even longer, I'm having a New Year's Day without a hangover. (To avoid any unnecessary alarm, I hasten to add that I'm not ill and no, I didn't follow sensible drinking guidelines.) So, in another break with tradition I'll skip my usual reflections on the old year and hopeful or gloomy speculations on the new, and just wish everybody a happy and prosperous 2013.


It's ok, my hangover is big enough for two.

dammit, ken, you just don't post enough. i am your biggest fan, and i long for you to write more here. if this NY was a good start for you, let me beg for more coming from you. ask avedon, she knows how much i adore you.

happy new year to all.

anonymous - I've been there.

chicago dyke - gosh. Thank you. I'll do my best!

You mean you don't take Comrade Juan's wisdom seriously? No abduction by a Culture ship for you, you,young man!!
However, in the interests of fairness, maybe comrade Stalin was right and UFOs were/are secret weapons of the imperialists and not piloted by people from the future.

Uh, my above comment should actually have gone with your book description above, :(

No problem, Lee - though I'm quite surprised that post hasn't attracted more comments.

I didn't know Stalin had an opinion on UFOs. Cite?

I can find this article from alleging that Stalin was interested in UFOs but not the one alleging he thought they were a secret weapon of the imperialists. I think I prnted the latter article and will look in my files on space warfare,
Frankly, I'm not sure if I believe there is a shred of accuracy in these articles, but we do know that Churchill thought Stalin seemed unconcerned about the atomic bomb.

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