The Early Days of a Better Nation

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Writers Together

Very short notice but ... Francis Spufford and I are speaking this evening, 7.30 to 8.30ish (no later than 9) attempting to make an ambitious, progressive, utopian case for keeping the union of Scotland, England and Wales. The event will be recorded and the result uploaded to YouTube, hopefully before the referendum. If you intend to come along, please drop me an email: ken at libertaria dot demon dot co dot uk. Details: the Cairns, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 7.30 pm Thursday 28 August, free.


Interesting omission of Northern Ireland?

who would be so tactless as to mention the artificially-created, imperialist, six-county statelet at this stage in the proceedings? I imagine the twelfth-rate functionaries who "run" things there are in as much of a blind func/tionary as the folks over by there in the Welsh Assembly...


Yes, I omitted the North of Ireland deliberately. Its status is not on the ballot paper in this referendum.

Northern Ireland may not be on the ballot paper, but then neither are England and Wales. Northern Ireland is as much a part of the UK as the other consituent countries, and possibly has most to lose from a 'No' vote in Scotland, i.e. a return to sectarian strife.

HarryG, Northern Ireland is run, by our local politicians, into the ground. Please do not slander functionaries on our behalf.


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