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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A shout for a #LabourNo

(I'll explain this better
in the cold light of day,
but I'm voting No,
And here's what I say)

Let's team up together,
Keep the Tories out,
We all have English friends,
Give them a shout.

We have a common enemy,
English ain't all Eton Boys,
Let's get them out together,
And make some noise.

Westminster don't represent
The Ferry or Newcastle,
So let's get together,
And show them some hassle.

The Tories hurt us all
Let's show them how it's done
Let's team up together
We'll fight them as one.

-- by a Young Lady Comrade


A dumb question from a foreigner: the Tories are crap, but how did the Labour manage to lose Scotland's local politics to the SNP?

I'll be talking about all that some time after the votes close. For me, right now, all that matters is the result.

See you on the other side!

The Labour Party have been losing local politics for a while, it's just been more visible in Scotland.

Nice piece of verse, eloquent and far more concise than what I`ll be putting up on my blog in a wee while! - yup, CU on the other side of midnight...

"we'll fight them AS ONE", let's do it.
Not only the Scots and the English.
The referendum offers only the choice to be part of one arbitrary, bourgeois-led "national" formation rather than another.

Ruling classes never change, despite their more far-sighted members. Now the Tories probably believe they've muddled through again and can go on as usual. The one argument I heard "Yes" voters make on US television that resonated with me was: "We'll NEVER have to live under a Tory government again!" (I live in Indiana, as Republican a "Rotten Borough" as exists in the States.) This is why I like the young woman's poem; it puts the emphasis where it belongs.
Ken, is "Devo Max" really positive? If it is, will Cameron really give it to Scotland?
Finally, this whole campaign, at least as reflected on US television struck me as SO much more civilized than campaigns in the States.

Lee, I'm not sold on Devo Max, or the (not-so-max) devolution on offer. Politicians who make such promises should of course be held to account, but by and large I think it's much more important that the Scottish Parliament makes better use of the powers it has already. It's a wretched institution anyway: one consequence of its system of proportional representation is that complete numpties (to use a Scottish word whose meaning is probably clear) can get in without ever having to present themselves to the public. This applies to all the parties, but Labour's failings in this regard are most often highlighted.

I campaigned and voted for no despite the promise of more powers, not because of it.

Oh dear... aye there are numpties in Holyrood - mostly in Labour but who the France elected Ed Miliband. No wonder the poor of Scotland deserted Labour to vote Yes.

And this 'union' for solidarity. Aye, great but can't we be ruled by a better capital - say Oslo or Berlin if we really need politcal domination/ union to show solidarity.

Labour are dying here. SNP and Greens have attracted nearly 15000 new members since the No victory. SNP are on target to match the Lib Dems UK total. Even the English see the writing on the wall for Labour and I expect them to play the race-card again in England as they lose more votes to Ukip.

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