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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Poems by Iain Banks

Iain Banks wrote a lot of poetry. One poem, '041', was his first published work, in New Writing Scotland 1983. Others appeared in some of his books. Many more were shared only with friends. Some time in late 2012 he decided to try to get a selection of his poems -- along with, at his insistence, some of mine -- into print. The result, in a very fine production from Little, Brown, is published on Monday 16th February, and is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Copies signed by me and (if you like) personalised are available from Transreal Fiction in Edinburgh.

I'm grateful to the Guardian for asking me to write the the story behind Iain's writing of poetry, as far as I can remember it, and for printing one of his poems, '041', as its Saturday poem.

Alex Renton of Newsweek has interviewed me on the same subject. Tomorrow's Sunday Times is running an interview with me by Gillian Bowditch, alongside one or two of the poems. [ Update: here (£)]

Reviews have appeared in the Scotsman and the Independent.


Looking forward to it. Not yet at Amazon- Feb 25, 2015.

There was also a review in The Daily Telegraph's Review section on Saturday 21 Feb 2015.

Off topic here
But we were meant to get some sort of a breakdown of money spent on the independence referendum and where it came from
Any idea where we can get that?

Duncan Cairncross - how should I know?

Hi Ken
As you supported the "Black Hats" in the referendum and said that that information would soon be available I though you would have some sources.
I suppose that will disappear as the 0.01% have bought the vote as usual

Presumably the official accounts of Better Together and the Yes campaign are available, or will be. I have no particular interest in them. If you're interested in them, look them up for yourself.

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