The Early Days of a Better Nation

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The shape of things to come: books

Orbit have done a cover launch for my forthcoming space opera The Corporation Wars: Dissidence and very good it looks too.

They've also announced that it and the rest of the trilogy is to be published by Orbit in the US. The second volume, The Corporation Wars: Insurgence is due to be published in December 2016, and the third (provisionally titled The Corporation Wars: Emergence) in spring 2017.

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Will the U.S. release date also be in May 2016? I expect the LFS will want to take a close look at it. . . .

The ebook will be on sale May 2016 in US - link in post.

Great news Ken, thoroughly excited for this! And a trilogy to boot!

Thanks! I've passed the word to my fellow LFS best novel judges, and one of them has preordered it already.

Entirely OT: What's your take on the catastrophic botch-job in Venezuela, Ken?

Quick q. Naming a character Kohn in Star Fraction . . any connection to Adolph Kohn?

Re Venezuala - I don't know enough to have a take.

Adolph Kohn - no conscious connection, and no deliberate allusion. I must have read 'The Monument' by Robert Barltrop long before I wrote The Star Fraction, so the surname may have stuck from there, but I doubt it.

Cheers for taking the time to reply.

Imposs1904 - Just to make up for that disappointment, I have a story for you. After a book event for my second novel, The Stone Canal, I was approached by a spry elderly couple who said they were SPGB members. The woman's father had also been a member, and had earlier been a member of the SDF. I said (to them or afterwards, I can't remember) that it was like meeting Jonathan Wilde's parents in real life.

Looks great! Can't wait for the book. Well I will, of course.

Just got my copy from Forbidden Planet - looking forward to the reader.

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hey, Ken. read it, quite enjoyed the humour, and the cheerful, scornful shit poking at the various political factions. I brought it here in Auckland, NZ, for $40 Kiwi, if that is of interest to you. Glad i got it, hope for more sometime.

Thanks, uncletigger - glad you enjoyed it. Next one due later this year.

i went back to the VERY FINE Auckland bookshop that sold it to me, and gave them a reader review. They make use of on us long term customers, you can carry a book up to them, and simply ask ''what do we know about this'' and receive the collective wisdom.
Very glad to hear there is a sequel coming. You have some very interesting thoughts on your blog too.
All those years ago, i loved your The Star Fraction, and you just go on giving us the good stuff. thank you for that 😉

Will get my hands on it shortly - having only recently discovered your work - Thank you.

Warm regards,

- Bart

Loved Dissidence. I hope there is more of the AI personalities in the coming books. I'm rereading The Star Fraction right now and laughing like a drain. Thanks so much for your beautiful books. I'm a middle aged socialist in Melbourne Aust.

Many thanks, Fleur! There's certainly more about the AIs and robots in the coming books.

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