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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Is Science Fiction Past Its Sell-By Date?

This announcement is itself almost past its sell-by date, I know -- but here it is: tomorrow evening, Wednesday 18 May at 7.30, I'll be making a short introduction to a discussion of the above topic for Weegie Wednesday, Glasgow's writing network, at The Terrace Bar, CCA Glasgow, 350 Sauchiehall Street.

(Spoilers: no, it isn't, but not for the reasons you may think!)

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Science fiction is there to stay. It will be interesting to get your perspective.

Ken, will the discussion be taped or transcribed?

Given the way science has appeared to follow fiction... perhaps it's just the monika that is outdated!

MSS - No, it wasn't. It wasn't actually a discussion - I was just this month's guest speaker to open a monthly get-together of writers etc in Glasgow. Maybe I'll write up my (very brief) talk as a blog post.

Ayup Ken

Now that the Tories have bollixed things up beyond all expectations (with the EU - as well as everywhere else) will you still be supporting the Union?

Or will you now get behind a vote for "Scotland in Europe"?

Duncan - what Union? I'm inclined to think the English have decided they're better off out of the UK, and that we should respect their decision.

Have the English really abandoned the UK - or EU for that matter - or were many of them just reacting to the leaders of the Remain campaign? If I were from Yorkshire/Wales/Midlands, unemployed, facing little in the way of a viable future and had just endured massive cutbacks due to austerity, having David Cameron demanding I show my support for ANY cause might be a hard sell.
I haven't seen much sign (from Canada) of any analysis of the referendum from this sort of perspective. Most of the commentary is more along the lines of blaming the racism and incredible stupidity of the English/Welsh. I tend to look for economic explanations for mass behaviour such as working class support for Leave and have not seen much on offer that has much meat in it. Do you have any enlightenment?



PS. I am looking forward to the Corporation Wars series.

Thnaks Rob - I hope you enjoy the books.

I really have no special insight to offer (partly because I had my head down writing).

A decent intro (with lots of links) to the complexities from a left viewpoint is here from Ed Rooksby in Jacobin.

Thanks for the link. I found it most informative. The most cogent part of it to seems be the comment that it was a lose-lose situation from the Left perspective, but that there is more to lose from Leave. I hope that is wrong and that the UK does not become the FUK, but can understand the pessimism.



Aw missed it.

If I run I might get there.

I'm not going to run.

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