The Early Days of a Better Nation

Monday, August 04, 2003

Restoring democracy by ultra-left ranting

Avedon thinks outside the box on touch screen voting : Maybe some wild-haired lefties should start talking loudly about hacking the machines, so that Republicans can start worrying about this stuff, too.

I can see it now: the Cyber Revo website, all design enormity (yellow font on a red background - to match the hammer and sickle, see?) and boilerplate gloat. Dwell lovingly on how a handful of hacked votes could swing the outcome in a close race to the advantage of the progressive forces. Laugh at the useful idiots who are undermining bourgeois democracy. Give lots of details and examples - heck, give instructions on how it could be done. (If computer literacy challenged, make them up.) Then get the rightwing blogs up in arms about the commie ballot-rigging threat.

At last, a chance for the American far left to do something useful! Just by talking loudly, too.


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