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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Humanist Philosophers

One of the books I've read recently is Julian Baggini's excellent Atheism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press). I can warmly recommend it. It deals with a number of philosophical, ethical and historical issues in a very clear and straightforward way. I've learned a lot from it. As its author says:

It does exactly what it says on the cover. What I hope is distinctive about this book is that it mainly concentrates on a positive case for atheism rather than on attacks on religion. If you think atheists are all miserable, nihilistic amoralists, this book should put you straight.

It does.

Dr Baggini is a member of the Humanist Philosophers' Group, and a little rummaging around the British Humanist Association's website turns up an interesting piece by another of its members. Dr Stephen Law's Darwin Day Lecture explains why, while "scientific creationism" may superficially look scientific, its method of reasoning is close to madness.

In an entirely literal sense.


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