The Early Days of a Better Nation

Friday, December 05, 2003

Ya think?

The US sub-editing tic of using a comma in headlines instead of 'and', as well as that of using a headline as a statement of the bleeding obvious, always make me feel as if I'm reading The Onion rather than, say, The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Detention of Iraqis creates hostility, resistance. Who knew?

The guerrilla war is spreading outside the Sunni Triangle, according to The Boston Globe, while The Spectator's man on the ground in Samarra thinks it's not, yet. Random shooting of Iraqis creates hostility, resistance. UPI gives what purports to be a look inside a resistance cell, revealing a more complex picture of divided and shifting loyalties than you might expect. Mistreatment of Iraqis creates hostility, resistance.

John Pilger exposes the myth of BBC objectivity.

All via, of course

Free clue: these days you can read Mao's military writings on a frigging website, guys and gals.


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